The Environment

Our Environmental Commitment

At Westgate Group, we aim to supply products, such as solar control window film, that minimise damage to our environment, and install them in a sustainable way. It is our policy to reduce waste, conserve energy and use sustainably sourced products and goods wherever possible.

Our environmental practices are underlined by our commitment to ISO 14001:2015 certification covering our environmental management systems.

Helping Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Solar control window film will helps you to achieve dramatic energy savings at a relatively low capital cost with little or no disruption to building occupiers. The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit raised awareness of the need to reach a global agreement around climate change and reduce its effect.

To compound green issues facing UK businesses, legislation now requires companies to disclose full details of their carbon footprint – the Carbon Reduction Commitment created the first legally binding long-term framework to cut carbon emissions with financial penalties for poor performers.

UK firms and households can take steps, now, to reduce their carbon footprint. Solar control window film reduces solar heat gain by up to 86%, rooms become cooler, lowering the need for air conditioning and allowing cooling systems to operate more efficiently.

Saving energy and going green remains high on the UK corporate agenda. With meteorologists predicting annual temperature rises over the next few decades, the issue of cooling buildings is becoming a greater challenge. As the cost of energy continues to rise, solar control window film could be one of the easiest ways for the majority of UK firms to address this problem. This is supported by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in California, one of the world’s top energy research centres, which recently reported that ‘one of the most cost-effective options is adding window film’. Solar control window film can cut air conditioning bills by up to 30% and, aside from energy-related savings, the product also can be used to reduce glare, fading and ultraviolet radiation, improve the safety and security of your glazing and enhance the building appearance with various aesthetic and privacy options available.