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Westgate are a leading supplier and installer of Commercial Window Film and Commercial Blind solutions. Having worked in the commercial window film sector for over 40 years, we have built up numerous clientele and have worked with some of the UK’s biggest retail brands. Westgate also manufactures and supplies commercial film solutions for Education, Health and Historical buildings.

Our commercial window films offer you with a variety of benefits and can be tailored based around your individual needs. Our Heat and Glare reduction window films are some of our most popular products, often used in Schools and offices to help maintain a comfortable and proactive working environment.

We also offer privacy window film, a great option for people looking to add extra privacy to their venue or building. With either one way privacy film or two way privacy film options available, our privacy films are also a great form of added security, helping to keep your valuables away from preying eyes.

Our commercial window films also offer a number of other benefits including Safety; Heat reduction; Glare reduction and UV reduction – many of which are a must in commercial environments. Our Safety window film is a prime example of this and is often used in Schools and colleges where it helps to keep children and young adults safe should the glass break.

Other uses for our commercial films include Bomb Blast window films – which are becoming increasingly common throughout the UK. These films can be purchased in a number of different options and are designed to absorb high impacts.

Commercial Blinds


Not only do westgate supply a number of window film solutions, we also supply a variety of commercial blinds. Our commercial blinds are supplied across the UK and offer a number of benefits depending on the commercial sector.

Our commercial blinds are fantastic for the education sector and offer a maintenance free and robust solution for demanding environments with each of our blinds built to last a lifetime and supplied with a 10 year guarantee. Our blinds are also a great way of helping to reduce monitor glare and overall classroom distraction. The same is also true for office use, with our blinds helping to reduce distraction, ultimately increasing productivity.

The Westgate process is simple, fast and reliable with our clients rating us extremely high for our product quality and overall service. Contact us today to find out more about the variety of window films we offer.

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Popular Products

High Glare Reduction Film (Medium Tint)


Anti-Glare films reduce summer and winter glare to create a more comfortable environment.  The high glare reduction range offers up to 90% glare reduction.  There are 3 film tints available ranging from light to dark, however if aesthetics are important we have a range of standard glare films which retain more of the buildings aesthetics by using a lighter tint (Click here to see Standard Glare Reduction Film).  Offices and schools most commonly need to reduce eye strain and screen glare, shops, museums and other such environments use the film to improve visibility.  Technical data on the most popular solutions is available below, including details of the % glare reduction for each of our standard options.

Heat Reduction & Reflective (Light Bronze Tint)


Typically this solution is used in schools, offices or factories to ensure that In the summertime, heat and glare do not make life uncomfortable.  As the temperatures rise, work productivity falls. Heat reflective window film help employers to comply with European Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare legislation for thermal comfort and Display Screen Regulations for visual comfort against glare.  Heat reflective films are designed to create a manageable and controlled room environment, which also reduce the load on cooling systems.  Additional benefits include UV filtering and increased privacy with 1 way mirror films.

Bomb Blast (Clear 7 thou)


Bomb blast films are available in a number of finishes and thicknesses (see technical data and options below) and are designed to absorb high impact pressure from explosions.  Films are used in many environments including council buildings, military buildings, city center offices and shops.

1 Way Privacy (Dark Silver Tint)


These films permit vision from one side of the glass but give privacy from the other direction.  This film is maximized by having a consistently greater contrast of light on one side.  Balanced light levels will render this film inactive (please review 2 way privacy for further options)