Standard Glare Reduction Film (Aesthetics) (Medium Tint)

Anti-Glare films reduce summer and winter glare to create a more comfortable environment.  The standard range offers glare reduction whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the building, as standard films carry a much lighter tint.  Offices and schools most commonly need to reduce eye strain and screen glare, shops, museums and other such environments use the film to improve visibility.  Technical data on the most popular solutions is available below, including details of the % glare reduction for each of our standard options.

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  • 61% heat rejection
  • 69% glare reduction
  • Abundant light level combined with significant heat rejection
  • Reduced fading of interior furnishings by screening out harmful UV rays
  • Improved comfort by blocking sun’s heat and glare
  • Energy savings through lower air-conditioning costs
  • Scratch-resistant

Technical Data Sheet

Medium NG 35 XSR


% Total Solar Transmission 28
% Total Solar Reflection 26
% Total Solar Absorption 46
% Visible Light Transmission 36
% Visible Light Reflected 26
% Ultraviolet Light Rejected 99
Shading Coefficient .45
Solar Heat Gain Coefficiant .39
% Total Solar Energy Rejected 61
‘U’ Factor Median .96
‘U’ Factor Design 1.01

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