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Safety films are designed using multiple layers of polyester and strong laminating adhesives and are designed to protect properties from damage caused by shattered glass. A prime example of this is in schools and colleges to protect children and young adults. This film is also used on shop fronts to improve security against break-ins. The film also carries additional benefits such as UV reduction – see technical data below.

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  • Reduced fading of interior furnishings by screening out harmful UV rays
  • Increased safety by helping hold shattered glass together
  • Clean, non-tinted appearance
  • Improved security by creating a deterrent to forced entry
  • Scratch-resistant


Film Thickness: .007”

Structure: Single-ply

Tensile Strength: 32,000 Average MD/TD

Break Strength: 175 pounds per inch (width)

Adhesive Type: Acrylic pressure sensitive

Peel Strength: 5 to 6 pounds per inch

Technical Data Sheet

CL 400 XSR


% Total Solar Transmission 83
% Total Solar Reflection 9
% Total Solar Absorption 8
% Visible Light Transmission 88
% Visible Light Reflected (Interior) 9
% Visible Light Reflected (Exterior) 10
% Ultraviolet Light Rejected 99
Emissivity .96
% Total Solar Energy Rejected 15
Shading Coefficient .97
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .84

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