Solar Control for Education

Westgate Solar Control work extensively within the education sector providing Schools, Colleges and Universities across the UK with window film and blind solutions.

  • Glare issues on interactive whiteboards or computers…how will you solve it?
  • Glass safety…is it important to you?
  • Want to reduce maintenance bills?
  • Is student concentration affected by heat and glare?

Our extensive range of window films help to solve many problems including; reducing heat and glare, increasing safety and enhancing the appearance of your building by simply and efficiently upgrading existing glass.

Our range of life time blinds reduce maintenance costs because they are designed to last a life time even in demanding environments.

Works are carried out to a high standard by our trained, DBS checked installers. Some installation work is carried out during holidays however we can install film during term time with minimal disruptions

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2 Way Privacy (White)


2 Way Privacy allows designers and specifiers the freedom in internal glass specification, enabling privacy or window graphics to be applied where and when appropriate.  The film can also be removed and renewed at a later date.  Westgate can supply and install a range of standard block privacy films or create bespoke designs to suit each clients requirements.

Safety Film (Clear)


Safety films are designed using multiple layers of polyester and strong laminating adhesives and are designed to protect properties from damage caused by shattered glass. A prime example of this is in schools and colleges to protect children and young adults. This film is also used on shop fronts to improve security against break-ins. The film also carries additional benefits such as UV reduction – see technical data below.

High Glare Reduction Film (Medium Tint)


Anti-Glare films reduce summer and winter glare to create a more comfortable environment.  The high glare reduction range offers up to 90% glare reduction.  There are 3 film tints available ranging from light to dark, however if aesthetics are important we have a range of standard glare films which retain more of the buildings aesthetics by using a lighter tint (Click here to see Standard Glare Reduction Film).  Offices and schools most commonly need to reduce eye strain and screen glare, shops, museums and other such environments use the film to improve visibility.  Technical data on the most popular solutions is available below, including details of the % glare reduction for each of our standard options.

Heat Reduction & Reflective (Medium Silver Tint)


Typically this solution is used in schools, offices or factories to ensure that In the summertime, heat and glare do not make life uncomfortable.  As the temperatures rise, work productivity falls. Heat reflective window film help employers to comply with European Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare legislation for thermal comfort and Display Screen Regulations for visual comfort against glare.  Heat reflective films are designed to create a manageable and controlled room environment, which also reduce the load on cooling systems.  Additional benefits include UV filtering and increased privacy with 1 way mirror films.