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Westgate are a leading supplier and installer of Window Film and Blind solutions and have been in operation since 1977.  We have worked on many projects across the Education, Health and Construction sectors, as well as with some of the biggest brands in UK retail.

Westgate have been responsible for over 400 projects across the UK in the last 12 months, helping to resolve common issues with heat, glare, UV damage, security, privacy, aesthetics and company branding.

Our processes are simple, fast and reliable and our clients rate us on average 4.6 out of 5 for product quality and 4.8 out of 5 for overall service.

If you have a window film or blind project simply fill in some details online today and we will come back to you with a project plan and quote.

Sectors We Work In

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Popular Products

Standard Glare Reduction Film (Aesthetics) (Dark Tint)


Anti-Glare films reduce summer and winter glare to create a more comfortable environment.  The standard range offers glare reduction whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the building, as standard films carry a much lighter tint.  Offices and schools most commonly need to reduce eye strain and screen glare, shops, museums and other such environments use the film to improve visibility.  Technical data on the most popular solutions is available below, including details of the % glare reduction for each of our standard options.

1 Way Privacy (Dark Silver Tint)


These films permit vision from one side of the glass but give privacy from the other direction.  This film is maximized by having a consistently greater contrast of light on one side.  Balanced light levels will render this film inactive (please review 2 way privacy for further options)

Bomb Blast (Clear 7 thou)


Bomb blast films are available in a number of finishes and thicknesses (see technical data and options below) and are designed to absorb high impact pressure from explosions.  Films are used in many environments including council buildings, military buildings, city center offices and shops.

UV Reduction (Clear)


Solar energy accounts for 90% of fading mainly in 3 wavebands: ultra-violet radiation, visible light and infra-red radiation (heat).  Fading can be dramatically reduce by installing this film, commonly used in Shops, Museums, and Historic buildings.

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